Employee Engagement Survey for Entertainment District

Entertainment District’s Culture Goes from Nonexistent to Bold, Proud and Experience-obsessed


Kane conducted surveys and focus groups with employees that accomplished three things:

  1. Set a benchmark for where employee enthusiasm and engagement was today, using employee net promoter scores 
  2. Set a benchmark for where employee understanding of the organization’s mission and vision was today
  3. Gather information about their preferred methods of communication and engagement


Additionally, Kane held a focus group with employees to further flesh out details from the survey related to employee communications and engagement. Employees discussed past practices, ideas and mechanisms that they felt would be adopted by their peers. 


Kane then spent time with the district’s new president and leadership team to gather information about their vision for the organization and how employees played a role in realizing it. Their vision was to be recognized for providing superb, captivating and buzzworthy experiences. We then spent time crafting succinct, clear messaging for employees that showed them how they could operationalize the company’s values and be a part of realizing its vision. 


A rollout plan was developed, looping in all of the information Kane received from employees about the most effective methods and strategies for communication within their organization. Key in this rollout plan was a plan to re-survey employees annually to measure progress in enthusiasm, engagement and understanding of the organization’s mission.


In spring, after two of the organization’s largest events to-date, the district held its very first all-employee rally in one of the organization’s venues. 

  • More than 200 employees were in attendance as the new CEO unveiled the organization’s new vision plan and employees’ roles in it.
  • Findings of the employee surveys were shared with employees – demonstrating the hand they played in building the new vision and culture. 
  • Employees were excited and curious about what was happening. One employee noted that the vision roll-out event “felt different and special,” and that this was the first time in a long time that all district employees were gathered together in one room.
  • Senior staff are going through “brand ambassador training,” and working together to find solutions to challenges presented in the survey.
  • Per the plan, the district has rolled out regular employee communication channels – demonstrating action from employee suggestions in surveys and focus groups.
  • The next employee survey is already on the calendar for year-end, upon which we will measure progress and changes in employee engagement and enthusiasm.