Mental Health Nurse Recruitment Campaign

Award-winning recruitment campaign generates higher-quality candidates and solves long-stemming vacancy issues at mental health hospital.


Kane started by conducting research to understand what made BHD nurses unique. We conducted 1-on-1 interviews with nurses, and built audience personas around them. This influenced our creative strategy: that BHD nurses are the people who run toward the fire to help. They’re courageous and caring. And if you don’t have what it takes, you need not apply.

We then developed a strategic integrated communications plan to drive interested nurses to the County’s website where they could learn from real BHD nurses what it was like to work there. Our plan included:

  • Shooting mini-documentaries featuring real BHD nurses’ stories
  • Training BHD nurses as brand ambassadors
  • Pursuing grassroots speaking opportunities in the community
  • Developing an employee referral incentive program
  • Buying targeted paid advertising
  • Utilizing social media
  • Planning on-site job fairs
  • Conducting proactive public relations



The campaign ran for three months. Along the way, BHD successfully recruited twenty nurses to fill open positions and their day shift was fully staffed by the campaign’s end. It has since received a 2017 Platinum MarCom Award, a 2018 Gold ADDY award and a 2017 Gold AVA Digital Award.

The campaign itself received:

  • 21 new candidate leads via the landing page
  • 13 million+ impressions, with $32k in added-value due to Kane’s negotiations
  • Digital ad click-through-rates of 0.37%
  • 120,000+ video views
  • Coverage on local and prime-time news:
  • Media campaign aims to showcase the work of nurses
  • Radio:
  • Milwaukee County Launches Campaign to Hire Mental Health Nurses
  • Mental health and stigma/importance of nurses – (LIVE)


Leads coming in through the website specifically referenced campaign efforts, such as this one:

“I enjoyed the videos on your website and saw the two female RNs on the local news. I am looking to find a job where I am really able to make a difference and help the people in my community.” – Nursing candidate, later hired


Members of BHD’s leadership team and their board shared that not only did the campaign create awareness and drive leads, but it impacted the QUALITY of leads:

“I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from new hires stating they had seen the billboards in the past and really liked the message behind the campaign. Many of the managers and staff have also commented on the better quality-candidates coming through because of the campaign.” – BHD Chief Nursing Officer