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Telling your story the way journalists would

Brand journalism is changing the way organizations tell their stories. As newsrooms continue to shrink, it becomes more difficult for organizations to get their stories out to consumers. Brand journalism gives you the opportunity to tell your stories on your own schedule, without waiting for the news cycle to catch up.  


Brand journalism is strategic storytelling on behalf of a brand. It takes your story beyond a press release and creates a compelling narrative that has real news value to your target audiences. Brand journalism raises awareness and provides context, by showcasing your industry expertise and enhancing your reputation. 


People are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it has been wrapped in a story.

Stories make your brand relatable and show audiences why something is important versus telling them.


A brand journalist understands how to write and create stories using journalistic principles to create compelling multimedia content, ranging from blog posts and thought leadership articles to videos, podcasts and social media content.


At Kane, we have a team of experts with nearly 60 years of combined award-winning journalism experience across multiple disciplines including print, broadcast and digital. 


With content creation ranging from story development, writing and video production to social media, research-based case studies, white papers and thought-leadership content, we build compelling stories to drive business results. 


  • Channel Evaluation

    There are many ways to tell your story, but not all of the channels may be right for you. We’ll evaluate your website, blog, online newsroom, newsletters and social channels to identify opportunities and build on the channels you have in place.

  • Content Strategy and Development

    Finding stories that reinforce your brand’s mission, vision and values is key in the storytelling journey. Building a strategy to get those stories in front of the right audiences is how we start. We’ll identify the strongest stories, write and develop the content, create a calendar for planning, publication and distribution to make sure your story is compelling and consistently shared across your channels.

  • Video and Audio Production

    Our video production team creates video and audio content of any size – from podcast and vodcast content to corporate videos and social media live streams.

  • Online Newsroom

    Your online newsroom is the first place a journalist looks for information about your company. And it needs to be more than just news releases. Our team can produce an online newsroom that provides key information and leaves reporters wanting to learn more.

  • Social Listening

    A strong digital strategy is more than what you’re saying, it’s about what’s being said. Kane’s social media listening services track brand sentiment online. We provide you with the opportunity not only to react, but also to proactively build a strategy that can change sentiment, identify thought leadership opportunities, build ambassadors, and protect your brand.

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