A framework for sustained success

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Our unique on-site counsel model allows for our team to become a part of yours.

You know your business and we know ours. With years of experience in communications and a solid understanding of business, we join you, learning from each other what the needs of your organization are.


With a seat at the table, we become a part of your business – your work is our work. Through a thorough landscape analysis, our team is able to determine which critical practices for success are needed in order to truly right-size your communications team and build the infrastructure to support it.


We will learn your business operations, challenges and goals and work with you to determine not only the needs but also the solutions. Following best practices and industry standards we create a research-informed plan for success. Together, we’ll develop your existing team, add new functions and create an infrastructure this team can support into the future.


  • Inventory, analysis and findings report

    After reviewing all existing materials and processes, we create a findings report that aligns both of our teams. We then create a plan that articulates what must happen to meet and exceed best practices in communications.

  • Rightsize your team

    Based on our findings report, we also make recommendations as needed to determine if your team has the numbers and experience to tackle the sort of challenges we’ve identified.

  • Infrastructure building

    Using the findings report as our shared guide, we also determine which processes would improve your organization’s efforts. Then we implement them in ways that ensure both of our teams continue to use best practices–effectively and efficiently.

  • Process development

    Our team brings best practices in process management and development to your organization. We draw on systems, insights and tools used in integrated marketing agencies, Fortune 500 companies and lean manufacturing to build systems for your communications function that are viable and sustainable.

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