Minimize risk, maximize reward

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Set out on your M&A journey with someone who always has your back.

Months of analysis. Meticulous planning. Careful attention to every small, but essential, detail. Any M&A journey has unexpected turns and we can be there for you each step of the way. We protect your brand by involving employees and stakeholders in ways that minimize fear, reduce potential turnover, prevent loss of clients and identify opportunities to build loyalty.


Through carefully crafted messaging and intentional distribution, we’re ready to build and execute a strategic M&A communications plan.


  • Strategic Planning

    Using disciplined, thoughtful analysis, Kane can create a dedicated communications plan to cover all of your merger and/or acquisition activities. This will ensure every activity gets properly executed and always points to ultimate success.

  • Message Development

    Consistent messaging is critical during times of transition. Kane can ensure plans and activities are accurately represented in strategic and intentional message development.

  • Media Coaching & Training

    We can help your leadership prepare for media interactions so they can confidently and effectively communicate with the most important audiences during periods of transition.

  • Media Outreach & Response

    Controlling your story is essential during periods of transition. By proactively providing consistent messaging and accurate information, we can help you tell your story well.

  • Internal Audience Communications

    To minimize turnover, manage change effectively and create ambassadors within your organization, we can help you identify ways to build loyalty through carefully crafted internal messaging.

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