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We counsel our clients through structural changes, recruitment issues, crisis management, leadership transitions and much more.

It can be lonely at the top, especially when you face tough decisions about your organization and its future.


Our goal: Help you through these stressful times, assessing where you’re at and crafting a strategically sound path forward. Whether you’re dealing with structural changes, recruitment issues, crisis management, leadership transition or similar challenges, we know how important, and sensitive, change management can be. We’re comfortable working with boards of directors and legal teams under strict NDAs.


You can also count on us to provide painstaking detail about organizational change communications, including everything from hour-by-hour updates prior to announcements to leadership playbooks that loop in key leaders to keep them well-versed in their specific roles.


  • Ambassador Training

    Employees who fully understand (and appreciate) what your brand stands for are some of your brand’s most valuable assets. We can train employees on key messages, helping them weave each message into a coherent, compelling brand story.

  • Stakeholder Messaging

    Delivering consistent messaging and information to all key stakeholders matters. Our team is ready to work with yours to make sure the right message is delivered at the right time to the right partners, clients and customers.

  • Media Coaching & Training

    During periods of transition, it’s important to prepare leadership for encounters with the media. We can coach and train your team in ways that prepare them fully for interactions with all key audiences.

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