Your brand is our responsibility

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Through brand development and effective leadership communications, we create and activate effective strategies.

We develop, launch and weave brands into the larger organization. We craft employer value propositions that truly engage employees. And we assess when and where to take advantage of community and industry opportunities to position the brand and its representatives as thought leaders.


  • Brand Development

    We work with our clients to create a strategic plan to develop, launch and truly weave your brand into your organization. Through focus groups, industry research and insight gathering, we carefully work to understand who your audience is and how they perceive your organization. Together, we work to draft key components of your brand including mission, vision, values and guiding principle. Testing language and messaging throughout the process we ensure accuracy and desired results. Once defined, we help bring the brand to life – for your employees, stakeholders and customers.

  • Employer Value Proposition

    Engaged employees can be your greatest asset. Clearly communicate what employees gain for bringing their skills and experience to your organization. By defining this unique essence, you’re able to better attract and retain quality teams.

  • Thought Leadership

    By identifying opportunities to engage and be present in the community and industry, we position your team as thought leaders. Participating in a panel discussion, identifying speaking opportunities or nominating your organization for coveted awards, Kane works to ensure your team is seen and heard as leaders where it counts most.

  • Employer Brand Positioning

    To make your organization an employer of choice that appeals to both current employees and prospects, we combine retention and engagement work (“I’m committed to my employer”) with attraction efforts (“I’d love to be part of that company”).

  • Executive Positioning

    Whether it’s taking advantage of speaking opportunities, pitching stories to targeted media outlets or connecting to valuable contacts, we can identify the best opportunities to elevate your leadership team.

  • CEO Vision Casting

    Having a vision is good, but communicating it in a way that inspires loyalty and action is where the greatest gains are made. At Kane, we can help you artfully define the CEO’s vision then communicate it both internally and externally.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    What’s good for business is also good for society and the planet. Kane can help you craft and execute a corporate responsibility plan that addresses the issues that matter most to your key stakeholders.

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