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Katharine Foley

Advisor, Public Relations

As a PR Advisor, Katharine works with clients to develop strategic communications plans that align with their business goals and achieve measurable results.


Katharine has worked in industries including technology, start-ups, retail, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing and more. Her dynamic and varied experiences have taught her to enjoy rolling up her sleeves and digging deep to discover the cause of business challenges. She won’t give up until she has an answer and a creative way to solve it.


Living and working in Honduras and Argentina taught Katharine the importance of building relationships, listening to others’ stories and finding common ground. It’s about understanding and respecting each other’s similarities and differences and becoming stronger together because of them. Not only did she learn how to hold business meetings in Spanish, navigate the complex Buenos Aires subway and teach 1st graders — she also picked up a few salsa dance moves along the way.


In her free time, she enjoys going salsa dancing, attempting home improvement projects with her husband and mentoring students trying to find their way in PR.

The more we all work in collaboration, the stronger future we can build together.

- Katharine Foley
Katharine Foley of Kane Communications


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