Staff Picture

Madison Sepanik

Associate, Communications

Madison has grown with Kane Communications Group – beginning in Spring 2018 as an intern, promoted to Junior Associate and finally brought onboard full-time after graduation. Now, as a Communications Associate and a young professional, Madison works alongside her colleagues to engage effectively with clients to reach goals and solve problems using strategic communications.


As a new kid on the block, Madison harnesses the years of experience accumulated on her team to learn from the opportunities presented but also works to bring fresh and innovative solutions and perspectives to each project. With experience as a freelance writer and journalist, traveling cross country on a whim to cover current events with only 100 dollars in her pocket, Madison understands the value of rolling up your sleeves and learning through experience.


Originally from Northern Illinois, Madison has fallen in love with the sense of community Milwaukee has to offer and enjoys being able to connect with other young professionals. Known to keep a full calendar, and queen of “penciling it in” to an unnecessarily organized planner, Madison enjoys giving back by volunteering with Girls on the Run of Southeastern Wisconsin, being a peer mentor and attending local networking events.


Like any twenty-something, Madison recharges with her friends and family, attends local street festivals in the summer, enjoys taking time to practice yoga and eat avocado toast. Despite having very cute cookware, she often fails horribly at new recipes before settling on takeout.


What does “elevating words” mean to you?

Words are important. The written, spoken and interpreted carrying different but equal weights. When we look to elevate the words we use, we are able to elevate our relationships, outcomes, and successes. So much of who we are and who we become stems from our ability to communicate with ourselves and others, language and communications can be harnessed to produce success in all facets of our lives.

When we look to elevate the words we use, we are able to elevate our relationships, outcomes, and successes.

Kane junior associate Madison Sepanik at an awards presentation