Staff Picture

Sarah Fracek

Director, Marketing & Brand Strategy

Sarah Fracek serves as Kane’s director of marketing and brand strategy. In this role, she owns and delivers research, strategies and plans for clients that drive organizational growth and profitability, deliver market share expansion and strengthen brand equity. Sarah handles brand strategy and research, and leads a team of marketers who serve as true advisors to Kane’s clients.


With a degree in public relations, a former side hustle developing websites for entrepreneurs and nearly 15 years working for marketing and advertising agencies in creative, social media, account service and planning roles, Sarah is a rare jack-of-all-trades. Her breadth of experience working in various marketing communication roles, coupled with the wide variety of industries served (including health care, education, manufacturing, consumer products, government and financial services) allows her to draw on experience from other industries in her recommendations to clients.


Sarah has led creative teams to problem-solve alongside global pharmaceutical business’ think tank teams, created communication strategies for public health organizations and advised global nonprofits on communication strategies for their partners and donors.


You’ll find Sarah lights up most when talking about the work she does to give back to the world. She has traveled to Kenya and Rwanda to bring sustainable food and water solutions to children’s homes; serves as co-chair for Tempo Milwaukee’s Emerging Women Leaders Community Involvement Committee; and is a leader in developing the first college in a rural part of Sierra Leone. When she’s not envisioning the future for one of the organizations she helps out, you’ll find Sarah traveling to new exotic locales with her husband Sean.

When employee community involvement isn't just applauded, but encouraged, employees give more to both business and community.

- Sarah Fracek
Kane director Sarah Fracek at a speaking event