Best-case support for worst-case scenarios

We help alleviate anxieties when what could go wrong does.

Social media trolls. Disgruntled employees talking to media. Power outages. Fallout from active shooter situations. Since nearly anything could go wrong these days, organizations need a partner who’s ready in any situation to protect reputations and the ability to continue operating successfully.


With swift action, clear messaging, media know-how and an understanding of core values, Kane helps clients emerge from crises stronger than ever. Our team have worked in media as producers, reporters and anchors, so you can count on us to tell your side of the story properly.



  • Planning

    The ideal time to put together a crisis communications plan is before a crisis occurs. Working with leadership, Kane anticipates possible scenarios then creates a plan to protect both your reputation and ability to continue operating successfully.

  • Legal Team Coordination

    Unless both sides are working closely together, your legal team’s efforts during a crisis could differ from what a PR team is recommending. At Kane, we make sure your legal team’s work and ours always complement each other.

  • Media Relations

    Saying the right message at the right time to the right audiences doesn’t just happen. It takes a firm like ours that has strong, trusted relationships with the right media outlets.

  • Message Development

    During a crisis, one word or phrase can make the difference between sinking deeper or emerging stronger. Kane can help you identify the best messages, frame the right narratives and ensure every audience-facing individual is ready to share them.

  • Community Relations

    It’s essential to consider community impact in times of crisis. At Kane, we understand that importance and make it our mission to help you emerge from a crisis in ways that protect and promote your standing in the community.

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