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Your social media content should never exist in a silo.

Executives’ eyes often glaze over when it comes to strategy.  Doubly so when it comes to digital marketing strategy. The outlets to tell your story through the many available online marketing channels are changing every day. Not every channel may be right for your business. There may be opportunities in channels you’ve never thought of. And as new channels emerge, you need to be ready to engage your audiences wherever they prefer to spend their time online.


Developing a digital marketing strategy takes your story and helps it reach even more people, in Milwaukee and beyond. As your audience expands, we provide you with scalable tactics and best practices to reach them with compelling messages that are on brand. We also help you to make decisions about the right mix of organic and paid outreach efforts.


As your engagement with prospects and customers grows, we can supply you with even more creative ideas to deepen your interactions with them. We help you to understand whether your messages are resonating with your target audiences and how to manage the most difficult interactions and crisis situations if they should arise. Finally, our social listening capabilities allow you to chart how you stack up to your competitors and understand how to differentiate yourself in an ever-changing marketplace.


Let our team build a sound digital strategy that aligns with your business goals and drives measurable value. We’ll identify the right metrics to show progress in getting you to those goals. 


  • Digital Audit and Discovery

    We conduct audits of your digital platforms, from website to email campaigns to social channels, and report on your performance against best practices. We learn the habits and preferences of the audiences you wish to reach.


    By interacting with stakeholders, employees, prospects and customers, we understand your business goals and develop digital marketing strategies to meet them. Ultimately, we provide you with a roadmap of recommendations to improve your user experience, searchability, performance and content.

  • Planning and Content Strategy

    Great digital content doesn’t happen by accident. Our digital strategists develop plans based on your business goals to create and publish outstanding digital content that brings your brand to life. We measure key performance indicators that have a real impact on your business, keep your digital presence tuned to trends and get you ready to respond to crises.

  • Brand Journalism and Online Newsrooms

    Brand journalism takes your story beyond a press release and creates a compelling narrative for your target audiences, from customers and employees to journalists and search engines. We’ll produce an easy-to-navigate online newsroom to house content ranging from blog posts and thought leadership articles to videos, and podcasts.

  • Social Listening

    A strong digital strategy is more than what you’re saying. It’s about what’s being said. Kane’s social media listening services track brand sentiment online. We provide you with the opportunity not only to react, but also to proactively build a strategy that can change sentiment, identify thought leadership opportunities, build ambassadors, and protect your brand.

  • Social Media Management

    Social media channels allow you to connect with your audience and continue the conversation around your brand by meeting them where they already are.


    Our digital strategists can determine which channels to use to engage and grow your audience, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Shapchat, Reddit, YouTube or an entirely new social media platform. Our team activates your strategy by producing original content, engaging with your audience and measuring results to ensure your business goals are met.

  • Digital Marketing

    Our expertise in digital marketing campaign development at Kane runs the gamut, from mobile conquesting, Facebook & Instagram advertising and display ad networks, to OTT video, online audio and live chat. Digital marketing campaigns allow us to hyper-target your audiences based on behavior, location, demographics and more.


    What’s more, we can use it as research to test messaging and ensuring creative with the highest conversion rates is what runs. Our media buyer and marketing advisors plan and create digital media buys and manage and measure digital campaigns from start to finish.


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