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Turning carefully crafted narratives into highly visual and engaging video 

If you want to tell your story, and truly connect with your audience, you tell it with video. 


Video reaches a person’s emotional center through multiple sensory inputs, giving your message a more thorough, experiential quality. Bottom line, there is NO other medium as effective. If you’re not creating video, you are missing out and falling behind. 


This instant connection with the viewer is also why video dominates social content. People are exponentially more likely to share video than other types of content. As the influence of video continues to grow, the need for strong video production takes center stage. 


Storytelling is embedded in Kane’s DNA. Our team has decades of experience creating video for clients in Milwaukee and all over the state of Wisconsin. From storyboarding and location scouting, to script writing and post-production, our video production team ensures that your story will impact your audience.


The sheer abundance of video content on the internet creates the misconception that video must be easy and cheap (since everyone is doing it). However, technical proficiency does not equal impactful content. And CONTENT defines success in the video arena, especially when it is aligned with a strategic marketing or public relations plan. 


At Kane, we make sure our clients approach video in a strategic, deliberate way that elevates their business success.


  • Video Production

    Not all video production is the same. Our integrated approach combines concepting, shooting, graphic design, music and editing in ways that strategically advance your business objectives through story. We have the ability to produce video content for social media, advertisements and commercials, corporate videos, events, YouTube channels and more.

  • Video Strategy Assessments

    In addition to the production of video, Kane looks at how your company currently uses video (if at all) and assesses its efficacy. If you’re not using video today, Kane will find the best strategies and tactics to drive business goals based on our research of your audience and market.

  • Podcast Production

    The rise of the podcast in recent years has reinvigorated the opportunities for brands to tell their stories via long-form audio content. We have an in-house podcast studio, and will work with you to concept a binge-worthy program that generates trackable business results.

  • Content Strategy

    One video can be used in multiple ways. Long format or short format, internal video for employees or external video targeting customers, donors or investors. We’ll craft the right story for the right channel, getting it in front of the audiences that matter most to you.

  • Brand Journalism

    Brand journalism takes your story beyond a press release and creates a compelling narrative that has real news value to your target audiences. Our team of journalists writes and creates stories using journalistic principles to develop multimedia content, ranging from blog posts and thought leadership articles to videos, podcasts and social media content.


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Healthcare/Human Services

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