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Davidson Kane

Director, Video Strategies

As Director of Video Strategies, Davidson knows how to blend visual, auditory, and emotional information to best tell a client’s story. Sometimes, that means tugging at heartstrings. Other times, it requires the video equivalent of a swift kick in the pants to get audiences involved. Or it may mean something else altogether. At its best, video will create an emotional connection between you and your audience in ways nothing else can. As video technologies become more consumer-focused, it’s tempting to think video production is easy  – and in some ways that’s true. Anyone can point a phone and hit ‘record,’ but it takes an artist to create video content that engages audiences and propels business forward.


With 25-plus years covering every aspect of video production, Davidson can find the perfect way to make your video speak directly to your audience. Originally from “Out East” (specifically the Great State of Maine), Davidson has called Milwaukee home for the past 20 years. When not behind a camera or happily chained to a computer editing, you can find him at The Racine Theatre Guild, where he serves as an active Board member. Once in awhile, he also finds time to tread the boards himself. The artistic process of acting has given Davidson a unique perspective on how to connect with audiences.

The power of connection is the power of everything. What matters most in our lives is how we maintain & nurture our connections.

- Davidson Kane
Kane director Davidson Kane acting in a production of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens



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