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Kathleen Elsig

Senior Advisor, Corporate Responsibility & Partnerships

Kathleen Elsig is a Senior Corporate Responsibility & Partnerships Advisor at Kane Communications Group. She has 20 years of international experience working with businesses, communities, non-profits and academic institutions to build partnerships that solve complex business and social challenges. At the core of many prominent social issues, such as gender equality, workforce inclusion, sustainable transport, and decent work, are deep interconnections of social, economic and environmental issues that cannot be solved in isolation. Real and sustainable transformation is only possible by advancing these diverse aspects together.


Kathleen has worked closely with multinational businesses, UN agencies, community-based groups, employer federations, and governments to design and deliver holistic interventions that result in positive change and shared value. Her work has led to measurable public health benefits, better government programming, stronger business accountability, and more robust business-community relations. Kathleen is a polyglot who speaks French, German and Russian; a Swiss and US national; and has experience working in Europe, Africa, Asia and Central Asia. She has a Masters Degree in European Political Affairs and she has studied widely in the areas of non-profit management, corporate responsibility, learning and development, and philanthropy. She’s particularly passionate about supporting business, communities and people unlock new opportunities in the Future of Work through innovative skilling initiatives that access hidden talent pools and build inclusion, diversity and gender equality in the workplace.

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Business and policy makers are facing similar challenges unlocking the opportunities generated by transformations in the world of work.

- Kathleen Elsig


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