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The lost art of aligning marketing with business goals.

Too many marketers today are focused on marketing tactics (the way your business is placed in front of your customers) and marketing outputs instead of outcomes. As a result, a lot of stuff is being created, but it is often unclear how it contributes to the business. That’s also why some business leaders tend to look at marketing as an expense, rather than the investment it should be viewed as.


At Kane, we never “do marketing” for its own sake. How would that ever grow business?


Instead, we start with a deep understanding of your company’s strategic plan, contribute brand and marketing research to the mix, and then develop a strategic marketing plan designed to tackle your key business objectives. We develop integrated marketing plans – meaning we meld all aspects of marketing communication, such as branding, advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, brand journalism, content marketing and social media so they work together toward a unified goal for maximum impact.


It is a process designed to ensure all messaging and marketing strategies are consistent across all channels and are centered on the customer. Whether we’re creating a website landing page for an exciting new Milwaukee startup or designing a promotional campaign to reach Wisconsin residents across multiple platforms, we’re laser-focused on starting with sound research, seizing previously untapped opportunities, generating leads and delivering measurable business results.



  • Integrated Marketing Planning and Management

    Some clients have talented teams who just need a great plan to follow. We work with your leaders to develop clear goals, objectives, strategies, key audiences, messages, tactics, timelines and measurables that direct your actions. We consider all paid, owned, earned and shared media mix options and recommend an integrated marketing plan focused on using your resources wisely.

  • Creative Campaigns and Advertising

    Launching new services, breaking into new markets, increasing appointments, advocating for issue support … creative campaigns are most effective when we align your brand with your customer. We begin with a sound understanding of your audience persona – knowing their goals, psychographics and demographics. This information gives us insights into what type of creative message is most likely to elicit an emotional response and action from your customer. We then create campaign concepts that are on-brand and focused on driving action.

  • Media Buying and Planning

    Using what we know about our audience, we tap into software and our relationships with media and advertising representatives to understand what distribution channels are best for our budget and timing. We evaluate rates, negotiate costs and stay abreast of media trends, channels and ever-changing specs for traditional and digital media advertising. From digital and social advertising; to media sponsorships, radio and TV commercials; to guerrilla tactics such as sidewalk chalk and street teams, we create media plans to fit virtually any size budget. And unlike many marketing agencies, Kane does not charge commission on our media buys.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    From website development to email and social media campaigns, our digital strategy services provide creative opportunities to generate leads and identify new opportunities for engagement with existing customers.

  • Collateral Design

    Our creative team supports all visual and graphic design with sound strategy, creating printed and digital collateral that shares your brand’s story in the most compelling, engaging way.

  • Video and Audio Content

    Our video production team can create content to execute audio/video tactics of any size – from podcast and vodcast content to corporate videos to TV and radio commercials and social media live streams.

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