Rural Youth Counselor Recruitment Campaign

An award-winning recruitment campaign for youth counselors in rural Wisconsin generated big results – delivering ROI in less than three months.


In order to reach a targeted and engaged audience, Kane first conducted interviews with existing staff in the two open roles. Through this research, the team created audience personas to truly understand the ideal candidate. This process led to more intentional and effective messaging as well as the approach to the campaign.


Kane decided to run a three month targeted Facebook campaign using the LSS Careers page that would contain digital display ads, boosted posts and target specific demographics. To create an easy process for applicants and track engagement,  a landing page on LSS Careers website, focused on Homme Youth & Family programs was created. In an effort to bring the expertise and passion at Homme to life, Kane developed videos to share the impact of the work being done through interviews with Homme staff.


  • Click-through rates of display ads performed higher than the national average.
  • Highest traffic to the landing page was routed through the Facebook posts.
  • Facebook posts about Homme Careers were the highest organic reach posts in 2018 for the Careers page.
  • A total of 81 applications were received during the three-month campaign.